Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election night live blog

11:30 This is too depressing I'm going to bed

11:24 Money won this election, the elections that outside interests flooded with millions won. There has to be a way to inspire Americans to build things again. We can rebuild again and I have a plan to do this.

11:15 The Progressives (except Yarmouth) and the blue dogs got beat like a liberal at a Rand Paul rally. It's sad that only the ones who refused to make a stand will survive. We are rewarding the mediocre.

10:55 There are still a hell of a lot of races too close to call. The message has tonight has to be that we are a very divided nation.

10:35 Russ Fiengold just lost Wisconsin! the only one to vote against the Patriot Act. Damn this is bad.

10:28 Chandler is about to declare victory, I'm glad it was a squeaker. Colorado defeated the proposition to declare a "fertilized egg as a person". So you can't declare an extra dependent just because your a woman. (I personally agree with the current laws that you have to be 18 to be declared a person).

10:22 ran across this site http://whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar.com/ check it out.

10:15 Even though the old people have come out heavily the close races aren't falling to Republicans there are an awful lot of "too close to call".

9:55 SC voted against medical marijuana they are still the most backwards.

9:40 Vitter won, now the taxpayers will have to pay for it when he has a hooker put him in diapers.

9:15 Rick Perry won governor of Texas does that mean they will secede, and surrender without a battle again?

8:50 It does suck Taliban Dan won, but the GOP isn't getting huge wins yet.

8:45 Alan Grayson a unapologetic progressive has conceded, boo hoo he was my favorite Rep.

8:37 Dems won W. Virginia so far it is not looking like huge wave for GOP they have picked up 4 in the house, and 2 in the Senate

8:35 Chandler is tied at 50/50 there might be no blue dogs left.

8:15 Chandler is falling behind in the outside counties 51 to 49 it is going to be close, good give him a scare. Maybe he will realize that he does need the progressive vote.

8:00 O'Donnell (a financial supporter of this site) was totally crushed in Delaware has to make a statement saying, "I am not a Senator"

7:59 Yarmouth was just declared the winner in Louisville. Woo-Hoo

7:45 I just learned that the new mayor of Lexington is openly gay, not openly enough I didn't know. I just wanted him to win because he was a cool guy. It is great that KY will be considered progressive in something.

7:35 A weird thing is happening Conway is closing 55% to 45% as the more conservative districts are reporting in. Not good enough to win but it is weird.

7:30 Yarmouth aka "Congressman Awesome" is only 52% to 46% I was hoping for a blowout.

7:20 So far no seats have changed hands Dems holding their seats and Republicans holding their seats.

7:15 Chandler is pulling away 56-44 I was hoping it would be closer to give Chandler a scare.

7:10 AP is calling it for Paul, and DeMint (duh) so the tea party is doing OK so far.

7:05 New numbers Conway 50% to Paul 50% Conway needed to get huge numbers in Lexington and Louisville he isn't getting them.

7:00 Ben Chandler 53% to 47% Like it or not Chandler will probably be the Blue Dog in congress for the next two years.

6:50 Right now Conway is kicking Paul like a Paul Supporter would kick a girl's head, but that is just because Lexington reports first Conway 58% to 42%

6:45 No surprises so far from KY, Ben Chandler is ahead, Hal Rodgers (R) has held on to the seat he had since the Civil War (citation needed)

6:40 Fox exit polling asked voters how their vote related to Obama,
38% Against, 37% for, 36% said he wasn't a factor. So that's what Fox thinks 111% of the voters think. I wish they would hire a 3rd grade math teacher to work at Fox.

I heard some encouraging news earlier that in Lexington by 3pm they already had 50% of registered voters show up. The GOP was hoping for low turn out under 40%

It's 6:30 and I'm going to try live blogging for the first time as the election results come in. I don't know how bad this will work bare with me.

By Darrell B. Nelson author of Invasive Thoughts

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sorry about Feingold. We need principles even if they are economically ignorant.

But with Rand Paul in, there is still someone who would vote against the Patriot Act.

Quit looking at this from a left/right dichotomy. The election is over. Do we want to get something done, say on civil liberties and the wars?