Friday, November 26, 2010

Fantastic Future Friday: Boobs

In the latest book I’m writing my heroine ran into a problem, she is well endowed, she lost her bra and has to go on an unexpected space launch. She had a busy day. I figured the g-forces and vibrations would make this a problem. Then I started researching it, and found it wasn’t anywhere as bad as I thought.

The Space Shuttle hits a maximum gee-force of 2.5g, a roller coaster hits a maximum g-force of 3g and when jogging women’s breasts hit those g-forces on every step. Although in my neighborhood I don’t see any Double D women jogging without a bra, and I would notice that. I’m sure at some point in human history before bras were invented women did have to run without them.

But just because it isn’t a major problem doesn’t mean I can’t have a solution to it in my book. So I did a few hours of research into women’s breasts. It’s just one the things I have to do to get the science right for my book.

Without having any support the higher g-forces through jogging or an unexpected space mission causes the breasts to pull on the skin and cause mild pain. The first solution was the bra to transfer the stress from the skin to straps, so instead of pain on skin of the upper chest it put the stress on the shoulders. In the 60’s women started to have a say in what they could do with their bodies and just transferring the pain wasn’t acceptable so the sports bra was invented.

Besides spreading out the area that held up the breasts over the entire shoulder, the sports bra also covered them more to reduce vibrations or to use the technical term, jiggling. The major drawback to the sports bra is in order to reduce jiggling it has to be snug around the upper chest, which makes it harder to breathe.

The perfect bra would become rigid enough to suppress jiggling on the higher stress but loose under lower stress. Luckily NASA has come up with two materials that when combined could do just that.

First is memory foam, this is a foam that can change its shape to react to different input. In the UK they have some bras that react to heat so as a women’s body temperature rises, like when she’s working out, the foam expands to reduce jiggling and spread the stress over her entire upper body. The problem women have with these bras is body temperature also rises when they see an attractive guy. So they can hide their arousal about as well as a typical high school boy. The men around them have not reported any complaints.

The second material that could help is Sensor Fabric, this is actual fabric that can monitor the stress it is put through so it knows where it is being stretched and slackened. It is currently being used just to record the jiggle so bra makers can locate all the stress points and design better bras, but as the technology evolves it could be used to transmit the rate of jiggle to the memory foam so the foam could put just the right amount of pressure on the breast to keep it from jiggling under stress like jogging, but allow the breasts to move freely and naturally under normal conditions.

Using these advanced materials in bras could eliminate the pain in the shoulders and back that well endowed women feel when exercising, playing sports and of course those pesky unexpected space missions. This will lead to a fantastic future for all boobies.

By Darrell B. Nelson author of Invasive Thoughts

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Stephanie Barr said...

If you're hoping to take your breast research expenses off your income taxes, that's about as good a story as I've heard.

Still wouldn't count on it, though.