Monday, November 8, 2010

Evil Minion Monday: Solar Trap 2

With winter right around the corner the Evil Minions have been picketing my back door in protest over the fact that their Solar Powered room is broken. Over the summer it rotted a bit and when I bumped into it with a cabinet I had made it fell to pieces.

Hoping to make the protests subside I built them a new one. This one addressed some of the problems I found with the old one.

The old one had just one small opening that led to the porch. During a snowstorm last winter a Minion got trapped inside. My wife heard it’s cries and went out and saved it but hopefully I can avoid that happening this year.

I had also intended it to hold only one or two minions, one day last winter it got into the single digits and when I went out their were five evil minions in a cuddle puddle inside.

In the spring one of the minions had kittens and the solar room became their play area, but there isn’t much room to play.

So for the Solar Powered Minion Trap 2.0 I addressed all these problems.

I made it two rooms so the minions could have more fun. For the base I made a frame out of old plywood with a hole in the bottom so if it snows the minions can go underneath and get out under the porch. I also cut a hole in the back so the heat from the first room will heat the second.

I built a frame around the window and they had the first room.

I built a box with another window on top.

Then I put the two together next to the porch and the minions now have a place to hang out this winter.

By Darrell B. Nelson author of Invasive Thoughts