Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thieving Thursday: That Atheist Bitch

Having less time to spend on this blog each week I’ve decided that each Thursday I will steal a couple paragraphs from someone else’s blog and link to them. Yes I am really bad at stealing, which is one of the reasons I don’t do it for a living.

This week I am stealing the first two paragraphs from a friend of mine, Kylyssa Shay, and her blog That Atheist Bitch where she talks about DADT.

Some people voluntarily decide to go out and risk having to kill someone or get killed themselves by joining the armed services. They risk their physical and mental health for something they believe in, our country. Due to these brave volunteers, America has not seen a draft since 1973. We owe them a lot.

So why do we care who they love or what bits get them aroused? What difference could a person's sexual orientation make in his or her ability to serve as a soldier? Not only that, but gays and lesbians are already serving and already have served in our military with distinction. DADT is a blight on our nation's honor.

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By Darrell B. Nelson author of Invasive Thoughts

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