Monday, November 1, 2010

Results should matter

With all the negative advertising about taxes and the deficit it’s hard to get the truth to be heard but here is what the dems have done in the last two years on that front:

Obama and the democratic congress have reduced the deficit by the largest amount in history, taking it from $1.4 trillion to $1.2 trillion. The Republicans have offered no realistic plan to reduce the deficit.

Obama and the democratic congress passed the largest middle-class tax cut in history.

As far as other accomplishments that they are taking flack for:

The auto bailout:
GM was ready to fail and through a domino effect of having their suppliers go under the entire American auto industry could fail, Ford would have likely gone under, Toyota, Nissan, and Honda would have had to move most if not all of their operations out of the US. The ripple effect would turned the Great Recession into the Greatest Recession.

Today GM is profitable and even though they still have troubles and they aren’t likely dominate the auto market like they used to they are reopening factories and the US auto market is recovering.

While far from perfect the healthcare bill stopped the worst abuses of the insurance companies and will cut the deficit by $138 billion. More importantly it will save the healthcare industry from pricing themselves out of reach for the majority of Americans leading it to destroy itself through demand destruction.

Alternative Energy:
This has been the biggest secret program ever undertaken in plain sight. G.W. Bush launched an alternative energy program for America, and like most of the things that Bush cared about he did it in the most backassward way possible. He offered huge tax breaks for investing in alternative energy. This plan did help start up some research into new ways of producing energy. When the economic crashed and burned all those new companies and the research they did would have been lost. Obama used grants and guaranteed loans to get them back on their feet making them some of the safest investments in this economy. Between the government investment and private sector investment research into alternative energy has became an Apollo mission scale program that will have positive returns for generations. This has led to America reducing the amount of oil used even as the economy grows. Alternative Energy has the potential to keep the half trillion dollars a year we send to hostile nations for oil back here in America.

Private Sector Jobs:
As much as the GOP says they want the private sector to take care of jobs, they are down right lousy at doing that. In the last two years Obama and the Democrats plans have lead to more private sector jobs than the entire 8 years that Bush was in office.

Tomorrow the choice is fairly clear, we can keep the Democrats who have actually produced results in power, or we can turn the congress over to the Republicans, who even though I disagree with most of their ideas have the virtue of never getting anything positive for this nation done.

By Darrell B. Nelson author of Invasive Thoughts

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