Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dear Hollywood Executive.

Dear Executive in charge of Greenlighting Projects.

Whoa, How fucking stupid do you think we are? Do you really think we won’t have go and watch something that doesn’t have a number at the end of it?

Rehashing movies from old TV shows doesn’t count.

And just because you can do CGI doesn’t mean you should.

If you keep Greenlighting these truly stupid projects just based on the three factors that you seem to go by. 1. People recognize the Title. 2. People recognize the star and 3. It’s got lot’s of special effects, Then soon you’ll be subjecting your audiences to “The Facts of Life: After the Apocalypse” Starring Ray Liotta as Mrs Garrett.

Also, I think it’s great when you take a comic book and turn it into a full movie, but why do you have its sequels follow the same fucking pattern.

Superhero Movie 1: Guy gets superpowers and takes on his greatest foe.

Superhero Movie 2: Guy loses superpowers while his two greatest remaining foes team up against him.

Superhero Movie 3: Four villains (The best of what’s left) turn the superhero evil.

Superhero Movie 4: The 16 greatest remaining villains gang up on him, so he gets an ally. (Why do you make these? Not only do they suck the sweat off a dead donkey’s balls, but they tank at the box office.)

Superhero Movie 5 (I mean 1): After 10 years of looking at projects where the Superhero takes on 32 villains and hiring Gus Van Vant to direct only to find out he doesn’t do projects that don’t have nudity in them. You settle on a script. You ask the audience to forget about the last 4 movies and watch a movie where a Guy gets superpowers and takes on his greatest foe.

Did you ever once consider the reason you guys get blindsided by cheap art projects is because by the time you get done sanitizing some new guys work you end up with a piece of crap that looks the same as the last 100 pieces of crap you put out?

I’m off to buy a good porno because if I have to watch something where someone gets fucked, at least in the porno I’ll not the one being screwed.

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