Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Project Savior: After Dark

As anyone you has followed my writings that I have plastered over the Internet for the past year or so knows, I write a lot. I also just write whatever about whatever stray thing goes through my head.

Being a human often times this involves sex.

What I have been doing with my sex articles is carefully looking them over and if possible editing them to be PG-13 and posting them on writing sites to have them immediately taken down.

If I couldn’t get them to be PG-13 I would set them aside, usually before I was done writing them.

Then I wondered if there just might be a market for sex on the Internet. A quick google search confirmed this suspicion and several hours later, (I always like to do through research) and after a quick shower, I was ready to start a blogpage were I could put up my sex writings.

So please come visit Project Savior: After Dark.


Grant Lawrence said...

That is an excellent idea. I have been posting a lot of your stuff as you probably know. And it is a good idea to keep this website pretty much for everyone. Then if people want a little stimulation they can go to your other site.
Thanks for linking to me and thanks for your great writing.

Project Savior said...

It's tough trying to balance the something for everyone approach without going too far into the something to offend everyone.
I figure splitting off the sex stories will be a good first step.
I was thinking about splitting it up farther and separating the Political humor and the just plain funny stuff, but that would be three blogs to maintain, meaning a minimum of 9 posts a week. Even for me that is a bit much.