Monday, February 2, 2009

They called Back.

I got another strange call the other day.

PS: Hi, This is Project

NC: Hi, Is Projay available.

PS: Hi, This is Project. How may I help you.

NC: Hi, This is Jessica calling from National City, I was calling to set up a payment on your visa.

PS: Good for you!

NC: Should I terminate this call, or are you going to be serious?

PS: Are you going to offer me something, or act like a child?

NC: We’ve tried to help you for the last six months, but you don’t seem to take this serious.
NC: Are you just going to be silent?

PS: If you have a question I’ll answer it, or if you make an offer I’ll consider it.

NC: We’ve made you offers in the past. Did you think you could just take our money and not pay it back? We can put a lien on your house, garish your wages, and take legal action…

PS: Yes, and call my Mommy, and hold your breathe until you turn blue…did I miss anything?

NC: You don’t take your credit serious?

PS: No, I don’t take you serious when you act like a baby, either act like a professional or don’t bother calling.

NC: I’m hanging up now.

PS: Bye

I guess it was to much to ask her not to act like a baby.

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