Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nasty Letter to a Collection Agency

Here is a letter I had to send to a collection agency. I hope it gets their attention.

If you have a collection agency calling you that refuses to send you a letter stating who they are please feel free to copy this letter and send it to them.

Genpact Sevices LLC
PO Box# 1969
Southgate, MI 48495
February 4, 2009

RE: Project Savior v. Genpact Services LLC

To Whom It May Concern:
Your company has been repeated calling me demanding money, I do not have an account with your company. I have repeatedly asked your representatives for your company to send a letter clearly stating who you are, what account you are attempting to collect on, and what amount you have been authorized to settle this account for.
What I am asking is not unreasonable, in fact it is the minimum effort that is required by your company under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Your representatives state that they know this but still refuse to send out any documentation of the alleged debt.
You are currently violating the law and impinging on my Civil Liberties. I have given you numerous warnings that I will not do anything with your company until I receive a letter with minimum information required by law.
Unfortunately, you leave me no choice in this matter and I must inform you that I intend invoke my rights under the FDCPA and sue your company for $1,000 dollars US. You can save yourself time and court costs by mailing to me a check for $1,000 US. If you send along legitimate proof that you are indeed collecting for a third party you may send a check made out to that party for whatever portion of the $1,000 covers that account in full and I will immediately forward it to them. The remaining portion of the $1,000 should be made out directly to me.
Should you continue violate the law in this matter, I can assure you the penalties will get worse.


Project Savior

PS: Nothing in this letter should be construed as a refusal to pay, but a notice that your claim is being disputed by me. The inclusion of my phone number is only to help your company look up my account not authorization to continue calling me. Continued calling after I have said I will do nothing until I receive the minimum information required by law will be construed as harassment.


Morbida said...

Jesus Christ! You are all about common sense and using the laws to your advantage! I bet the CIA and the FBI have you on watch. Id check the loo before you make use of it;)

Project Savior said...

I've been on their watch lists since I was born, literally. Activist parents, All it's done is make me research the laws thoroughly whenever anyone threatens me.

Anonymous said...

Each violation is $1,000.00 under the FDCPA. The law state that within 5 days of first contact, they are to send validation of who they are, why they are calling/contacting you and the original creditor. They could actually owe you much more than only $1,000.00. What about punitive damages at 3X the amount of the violations.

Project Savior said...

Whenever I send out that letter, I wait a week and get a polite letter saying that they are no longer handling the account.
Needless to say I don't get a lot of bill collectors bothering me.