Thursday, August 13, 2009

Evil Minions Are After Me

Since I discovered the secret plot for cats to take over the world and Identified their leader. A calico who goes by the evil name of Tigger.

Tigger’s evil minions have been dispatched to surround my house, or at least the backyard.

Here is a picture of them spying on me.
Cat Spies:

Identifying photos of the cat mob.

Evil Henchcat 1:

Evil Henchcat 2:

Evil Henchcat 3:

I tried to ward them off by putting out Tuna and Milk, but even that would not get rid of them. And my plan to dissuade them by rubbing their ears and petting them was just met with an evil laugh that sounded like, “Purrrr”.

All because I know of their evil plan to rule the world and delegate everything that doesn’t involve eating, napping, being petted, and playing to have humans carry out.

What the evil cat leader Tigger doesn’t know is Project Savior is not the only sight that has found out about this evil plan.

I can has cheeseburger has been spying on the cat army for years now. Here are some shocking pictures that they have taken documenting the cat’s goals.

Cats ultimate goal:
funny pictures of cats with captions
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And their training:
Ninja Training
funny pictures of cats with captions
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And how they stalk anyone who might find out about their plans:
funny pictures of cats with captions
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We must act now before cats take over the world.

Some things you can do to protect yourself.

Cats get disorientated when you rub their ears. By rubbing their ears you can incapacitate them hours (Of course that means you can’t do anything for hours either).

Soft fluffy pillows, especially under a sunny window will render them unable to move for hours.

Feeding them Tuna and Milk seems to preoccupy them for several minutes.

I know these are extreme measures but they must be done to protect your family.


ladytruth said...

It's always the innocent, harmless-looking ones, right?!

Anonymous said...

No wonder there are so many cats around my house.

Tricia said...

You are starting to make me angry... giving away our secrets. Trying to distract us with cute photos is not going to work. You have fallen under my spell already. You don't even realize it. Just remember... we ARE watching you.

Your Nemesis,


buddy24456 said...

I never knew this that would be why I am always followed by calico cats