Thursday, August 27, 2009

Save the world and fight the Catspiracy at the same time.

As part of a weekly challenge at Reduce Footprints they mention how you can save energy by shutting off your computer at night.

I started doing that a while ago to defeat the Catspiracy.

At night when you’re asleep Tigger’s evil minions sneak onto your desk and use your computer.

I discovered this plot when a cat spy that I thought I had caught in my elaborate cat trap woke me up in the middle of the night by watching Sandra Bullock movies at full volume. (I didn’t know I had that many Sandra Bullock movies before that.)

In searching to see what else the evil minion did with me computer I found out that she got onto message boards that I had favorited and typed out messages pretending to be me. Here is a sample of one of the messages she wrote:

“klsdfhaljdfg kajkf;e ajgka’g;a jg”

As you can imagine the grammar checkers on the board were all upset over that.

But according to this article it could have been worse:

Man Blames Cat For Jail Time


Tricia said...

NEGATIVE!! This human is lying. None of my Henchcats would be surfing such things on the internet. This is slanderous!! I will make sure he is taken care of for such LIES!!


Blog Queen said...


Doctor Faustroll said...

Do you think the cat intends to get inside the computer and screw Sandra Bullock?

Small Footprints said...

LOL ... oh I love this! And what a great photo!

Now that you mention it ... I have noticed my cat looking, very suspiciously, at my computer ... and when she lays next to it ... she does act like she's stretching but ... in reality ... could she be trying to ... type something? OMG!

I think I have been victimized by ... Catspiracy!