Saturday, August 22, 2009

So many topics, So little time

This is one of those days that I’ve got a bunch of topics in mind to write about but don’t want to take the time to sort them out and make them individual topics. So I’ll let some other bloggers handle some of the topics.


The candid blogger has painstakingly broken down a lot of the myths and lies about healthcare reform. You can read the entire series here.

The Catspiracy:

Amy Oops has shocking videos of cats training to use our technology and practicing synchronizing their movements, and even practicing how to infiltrate Kleenex boxes.
Watch this horrifying video here.

Follow-up the Dongtastic news.

One the Dongtastic stories I covered was Barney Frank responding to a lady who said he supported Nazi policies by saying, “Trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table. I have no interest in doing it."

That had me wondering what sort of logic is going through peoples heads when they call Jews Nazis. Then I had an illuminating look at the logic of Bigotry. It basically started with a post on Eye of Polyphemus where the author launched a rather weird Ad Homien attack on the fact that I’m a Unitarian implying that Unitarians and Sex Ed are somehow contradictory. He then went on to imply that somehow Unitarians were “Anti-Christians”. I asked him about this weird logic.

He responded he doesn’t consider Unitarians Christians; fair enough, a billion Catholics don’t consider him a Christian either as he doesn’t belong to the one true religion in the church founded by Jesus Christ.

(The big difference is all the Catholics I know believe in a god that has greater judgment then men, so the final call is his. So they treat everyone, even heretics and heathens, the same as they would a Catholic on this Earth, just in case God’s final call isn’t exactly what they thought.)

I went on to ask him how that made me “Anti-Christian” as opposed to just Non-Christian and he just responded that he didn’t consider Unitarians Christians.

This showed me the great logic of bigotry, basically if your not with us your against us. There doesn’t have to be any more steps involved. This is the circular logic of a Bigot, you’re not like me, therefore you’re against me, and therefore anything I do against you is a defensive move, because you are against me, because you’re not like me.

So if you think Nazis were evil, and a Jew doesn’t share your views; that obviously means the Jew is a Nazi.

So to answer Barney Franks question as to what Planet the lady spent most of her time on? It would be the Planet of Bigotry that is located in Intolerance System.


sadermaxx said...

This is sooo cute! I hope you get your point across.

Tricia said...

Tricia and I both agree what happened was bigotry. I may be starting to like you.