Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Killing Grandma while eating Fetuses with Hitler II

In my post Killing Grandma while eating Fetuses with Hitler I asked the question, “Is there any group out there that the Republican’s aren’t trying to offend?”

I guess some tea-bagger out there thought this was a challenge and shouted out “Heil Hitler” to an Israeli doctor who was discussing the Israeli state run healthcare system. See video

What a way to build up sympathy for your cause, compare Jews to Hitler.

For all the people out there who are equating Government Healthcare to Nazis, I want to say this:

My Grandfather died fighting the Nazis, he volunteered to serve. He fought to stop a madman who was determined to spread his vile hatred of “others” across the globe.

When you start comparing Government Healthcare (a program designed to help people) with Nazism (Vile Hatred that slaughtered millions of innocents) you demean the legacy of all those brave men and women who fought against it.

My grandfather didn’t die trying stop people from having access to healthcare, he died keeping the world safe from the mindless hatred of a madman that committed genocide of anyone that didn’t think like him.

Implying something else demeans his legacy and the legacy of all those that fought and died trying to stop him.

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