Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Squirrels have a Liberal Bais

Of all the stupid I’ve talked about on this site, Intelligent Design has to be right up there as far as the top in stupid ideas.

Intelligent Design is merely Biblical Creationism with a few scientific terms misapplied to give it the look of a scientific theory. It’s like how that guy in college will throw out big words with no idea what they mean and wonders why everyone laughs at him.

There is no real theory behind Intelligent Design they only attack what they see as weaknesses in Evolution. Their favorite example is irreducible complexity, saying something is so complex it can’t be reached in smaller stages.

The argument goes like this:

What is the use of a half-wing (like on a flying squirrel)? Since only having half a wing wouldn’t benefit a creature (like how the flying squirrel gets no benefit from being able to travel from tree to tree and avoiding predators) there must be an intelligent hand guiding the process so that birds are able to fly.

If the theory of evolution were true we would see animals (like the flying squirrel) that are in some intermediate stage of evolution and have carved out a niche for themselves at a level between walking and flying (like the flying squirrel).

What about the flying squirrel? Squirrels are hippies, have a well-known liberal bias and are part of the Evil Atheist Conspiracy, so who would believe them.


MegaMan The MadMan said...

I saw a man with one wing the other day..Proof of evolution...

Doctor Faustroll said...

Yeah, but some squirrels are fervent second amendment supporters. Google gun nuts and look for images.

Project Savior said...

Gun-toting Liberal Squirrels.

Tricia said...

Squirrels do have a liberal bias, it's true. That is why some hate me. You can read about it on my blog, I was attacked by a squirrel earlier this summer.