Monday, August 31, 2009

The Catspiracy in Outer Space

The Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee is expected to announce that in order for NASA to continue it needs to either Go Big, or Stay Home.

In order to return to the Moon in the 20’s NASA will need approximately a $3 billion a year increase in their budget (roughly 3% of the money given to bailout banks who made really bad investments).

If NASA doesn’t continue to push space development this will give the Tigger an advantage in her quest to rule the world.

It is well known that cats are practicing how to work in zero-gee, that’s what all the acrobatic leaps are for.

Soon they will develop their own space program.


Without strong competition from NASA these Catronauts, (As well as China and India) will continue to advance in space exploration and set up a base on the Moon before NASA can.

The Moon has abundant supplies of He3 to power fusion reactors, believed to be the key element in the next energy revolution.

With the Catronauts controlling the supply of He3 (Along with China and India) the US will be dependent on them for its future energy needs.

In the next half of the century who ever controls the He3 deposits on the Moon will control the Earth.

It is in the US national security interests to make sure NASA gets back to the Moon before the Catronauts. (or China or India)


Tricia said...

Since you asked, I do have a problem... YOU!!!

You will never stop me... I will be ready soon to unveil my latest triumph...


VetTech said...

Your widget said not to click but I am so glad I did :-) Your site is so funny!

Doctor Blackjack Faustroll said...

Is that Red Aldrin, Buzz's little tyke?

To the catatoniverse and beyond!

LLnL said...

: )I knew you wouldn't let me down.