Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Healthcare and the Catspiracy II

The latest rumor being spread around about Government Healthcare is that it will lead to naked lesbian orgies in the streets, (citation needed).

Apparently, the government option in healthcare would focus on prevention meaning that women would have access to things like nutritionists and dental care.

With women having access to nutritionists they could talk to an expert (someone who has actually studied the science behind weight-loss) instead of relying on people trying to make a fast buck off the latest diet fad.

This means women will be healthier and look better.

Even worse with access to dental care they will have better teeth, making for a better smile.

Everyone knows that the only thing preventing women from turning lesbian is lack of opportunity (that and a lot of them prefer guys). With government healthcare turning our women into smoking hotties, other women will find them irresistible (except the ones that prefer guys) and roving gangs of hot lesbians will roam the streets having naked orgies constantly.

To rub it in they will break into all single guys apartments and have naked lesbian orgies in front of the terrified poor single guy. Why they will do this is a mystery but it is a terror that fills many adolescent male’s nightmares, having to watch several smoking hot babes have a lesbian orgy in front of them.

It is linked to the Catspiracy because I misread somewhere that a lesbian is a girl who loves cats. (Cat is the only pseudonym for pussy, Right?)

A Girl who likes cats

We must all fight to stop the government from turning all American Women into smoking hot babes, before it is too late.


Doctor Blackjack Faustroll said...

Be careful out there, dude. I just saw a group of angry naked lesbian grandmas administering end of life care to a gang of not-so-young Republicrats while screaming something about hunting them down and rounding them up to kill or capture some terrorist who has pictures of an Edie Sedgewick clone holding her pussy in public...

Project Savior said...

Hopefully the gun-toting liberal squirrels will protect me.