Thursday, September 10, 2009

Talking to the kitchen table

Joe Wilson (R-SC) talking with him is less productive than talking to the kitchen table

I was recently accused of being anti-Christian by the Ed Wood of Star Trek critics for pointing out the stupidity of a tea-bagger who called a Jew a Nazi at a town hall meeting.

Apparently, in his warped mind pointing out the stupidity of tea-baggers who call Jews Nazis is calling the tea-baggers Nazis and therefore it calls the Christian minority in this country (he seems to believe over half the country is anti-Christian) Nazis.

Naturally I was too busy giggling over that logic to reply.

Then I got to witness a similar form of debate on House Floor. The Republican response to President Obama’s speech on Healthcare.

The President spoke about the Healthcare crisis in this country and how bipartisan efforts are being thwarted by people that don’t bring anything constructive to the table, just scream out bullshit in order to confuse and scare people. (I’m paraphrasing)

Joe Wilson (R-SC) delivered the republican response by yelling out “You Lie”.

Right now the country is in the biggest mess in my lifetime and in trying to move forward we have two camps those who are trying to fix the country (some of the ways are obviously debatable), and those who think the best course of action is to is to yell and scream and be cry-babies.

If you disagree with him he’ll cry

The Republicans, my apologies to Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) and the few other sane Republicans out there who aren’t allowed to speak on Conservative talk shows, have adopted their debating style from 2-year olds. I wonder how long it will be before a Republican Senator uses the clever rebuttal of, “I’ll hold my breath until I turn blue”.

We’ve let the crybabies and whinners have their little temper tantrums, now it’s time to let the adults get to work.

I would suggest a good spanking for the crybabies and their corporate sponsors, but it appears one “family values” Republican has already taken on that mission:

Lawmaker Denies Affairs

When one side of a debate only rebuttal is yell at a Jew that he’s a Nazi then the only response is exactly what Barney Frank told her. "Ma'am, trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with a dining room table.” “I have no interest in doing it.”

Unlike the Healthcare Opponents this has a leg to stand on.


Anonymous said...

The problem is...Republicans would LIKE a good spanking. Or so I've heard. Naughty Republicans!

da patriot said...

Joe Wilson called the President a liar when he (the President) said that the health care bill would not cover illegal aliens. While the health care bill does deny benefits to illegal aliens, there is nothing in the bill requiring verification of any beneficiary's legal status. Democrats have blocked every effort to include a verification system in the bill. Democrats are leaving the back door open for illegal’s to receive benefits, and they know it. Joe Wilson was right, the President of the United States flat out lied.

Project Savior said...

The bill flat out says it will not GIVE BENEFITS to illegal aliens, It's true if the illegal aliens like the insurance they have now they can keep it.
You could say it would encourage illegals to come here (and discourage seniors from fleeing to Mexico) by making the country a better place to live.
As far as the whole immigration thing that would have been better addressed in an immigration reform bill like Bush tried to pass.
Yes loyal readers I praised something Bush tried to do.

Stephanie B said...

da patriot,

Did you want to bring your birth certificate with you every time you went to the hospital? What about if you drown swimming?

*rolls eyes*

You know what they do in other countries when you happen to be ill (even if you're just a tourist)? They treat you!