Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Temper-Tantrum Tuesday

(Caution: harsh language)
Seeing the tea-baggers throwing their temper-tantrums about having a government that might throw them a friggin’ bone and have the health insurance companies use a little lube while anally raping them, I figured I could set aside Tuesday’s to have my own temper-tantrums and blog about things I hate.

I will still set aside Purrsday, Caturday, and the all-new Evil Minion Monday to keep everyone up to date on the Catspiracy.

Stupid People

I’ve talked about them before, the Tea-baggers, Creationists, Global warming deniers, and others. They all have the amazing ability to stare right at plain evidence that shows they are wrong and deny what they are seeing.

Frank Schaeffer does a piece on the origins of some of them. How the Religious Right set-up program to turn a small group of their follower’s kids into these sheeple determined to destroy America.

Corporate Owned Media pushing an agenda over the News.

We’ve always had stupid people running around and always will. But nowadays they get the friggin’ spotlight. Someone who brings a firearm to the President’s speech should be politely but firmly taken a few blocks over and told not to return, not assorted to the nearest TV station for an interview.

And what the hell ever happened to truth in broadcasting? If a politician is talking about healthcare their should be an overlay under their name saying how much they take from the insurance companies.

Economists who don’t think Economics is a science.

I’ve got a bachelors in Economics and there is a science behind it. Economic theories need to be falsifiable. So it pisses me off when I see an Economist on TV spouting theories that have been proven false, or weren’t real theories in the first place.

The tax cuts for the wealthy create jobs (trickle-down) nonsense. This has been shown to be false time and time again. It only creates wealth in the financial sector, which would be fine if our financial sector was lacking, but before the meltdown it was 8% of our economy as opposed to its historic 2-2.5% of the economy. It was 4 times as big as it should be so for the last 8 years we piled money on it, while in all other areas of the economy there was zero job growth.

My temper-tantrum is going off in too many directions now so I will stop. Hopefully I will deliver a more focused temper-tantrum next Tuesday.

One last thing that pisses me off is that I can’t think of a topic starting with “W” for tomorrows post.


Stephanie B said...

I was thinking the same thing so I started a Soapbox Sunday.

Topic starting with W. OK, I'm not familiar with the premise. Any W topic?

How 'bout "witchcraft"?

Tricia said...

I puzzles me sometimes when people deny global warming is happening - are they idiots and liars or are they ignorant or brainwashed.

About American Insurance companies - they are corrupt and only out for a profit. Thanks to "The American way", the American government, capitalism or and because of the voters.

Obama - he does nothing but spread propaganda, that is why he is on TV all the time.

Economists "theories" on American TV - it's lies, as you pointed out correctly.

I really did miss reading your blog.

W is for whiners. ;)

Project Savior said...

Thanks for the comments,
Stephanie, it was your Soapbox Sunday that made me think about setting aside certain days for topics. I like the idea for my blog because I tend to jump from one thing to another, I hope this will let readers know what I'm going to be talking about more than my normally random style.
Thanks I'll be looking over your blog too, in order to find out more about tigger's evil plan.