Saturday, September 26, 2009

Catspiracy Caturday: Paranoia Creeping in.

After months of reporting on the Catspiracy, Tigger’s evil plot to rule the world, I feel I maybe getting paranoid, because I feel that cat spies are watching me in my office as I work.

Cat Spy

Of course, when I look out my window they act like they are looking at something else.

Cat Spy looking innocent

But it is almost as if they are taking shifts watching me.

Second Shift

But I know this must just be paranoia, because I know cats couldn’t possibly be looking through my office window.

Cat Spy



Anonymous said...

I know I'm an anti-social idiot, but most of the time I wish the world were full of cats (Lolcats or otherwise) instead of people. Cats are so much more interesting. And cuddly. And hurt less when they walk on your chest. :)

Project Savior said...

You are under their mind control.
Will you feel the same way when they've plundered your lap and fill you full of warm and happy feelings.

Tricia said...

I know Tigger has many friends. She spend a lot of time on my cell phone and on the computer. She almost always has it on "private browsing". I wouldn't be surprised if she has sent them to watch you. Not only in your office, but when your sleeping too.

Project Savior said...

One tried to follow me to work yesterday, I left the drivers side door open and checked the engine, when I got back she was in the passengers seat ready to go for a ride.
I had to have my wife come out and hold her so I could leave.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Yes I will!!! Bring it. So long as it's not an ultra right-wing cat with its hidden agendas about controlling me.