Thursday, September 17, 2009

Catspiracy Purrsday Edition

I have found shocking evidence that Tigger’s plan to rule the world has been going on far longer than I previously suspected.

This is the shocking original painting depicting the Signing of the Declaration of Independence:

Evidence of the Catspiracy

You can clearly see a cat overlord forcing the delegates to add a key element to the Declaration:
“…the pursuit of Happiness”

Everyone knows that hugging a cat brings happiness.

Cat forcing happiness on a child

This line was clearly put in place to encourage the early colonists to bring cats in their homes where the cats could work their evil mind control on them.

Cat forcing happiness on Adult

These evil cats know if they get on someone’s lap, that person has to smile and feel happy, making them easily susceptible to their hideous mind control.

More cat induced happiness

It turns out that the pursuit of happiness is the key element in the Catspiracy.

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Stephanie B said...

I was going to make an off-color comment on that last picture, but I'm refraining. For your benefit.