Saturday, September 12, 2009

New York Fashion Week and the Catspiracy

It's New York Fashion Week and that means the Catspiracy is in full swing.

Its well known that the Catspiracy, Tigger’s evil plot to take over the world, has been using the fashion industry to place subtle cat message in ads for decades.

See if you can find the hidden cats in this ad:

With the cats taking over the fashion industry many humans will be seduced into wearing evil catsuits:

Like this:

And This:

The Cat/Fashion Industrial Complex will then use its contacts to send mind controlling cats to Hollywood actresses, and control them while they are young like they did with Drew Barrymore:

After they have complete control of actresses like Drew Barrymore they can use her and others like her to spread the mind control with programs like adopt-a-pet:

They will use her natural beauty to appeal to those that are resistant to the cats mind control:

I know I’d have a hard time resisting anything she might ask me to do.

With Drew Barrymore getting people to let evil cat minions into their homes they can take over the world.


Tricia said...

Did you notice that Drew Barrymore has "cat eyes" in the bottom photo? I think your theory is correct.

Project Savior said...

It's hard (for a guy) to resist Drew.