Monday, September 21, 2009

Evil Minion Monday

Reporting on the Catspiracy, Tigger’s evil plan to take over the world, I feel I need to warn people about the tactics used by Tigger’s Evil Minions.


One of the most powerful weapons the Evil Minions have at their disposal are hugs.

Demonstration of an Evil Minion unleashing a hug offensive

The Evil Minions will use a variety of techniques to lure humans to hug them. Looking cute is the most effective one.

Evil Minion luring in a hug victim

Another technique I’ve reported on in the past is that cats are sending out cute cards to break down human’s resistance to their hugs:

Evil Minion card

Once an Evil Minion Cat lures you into a hug they can unleash their mind control powers, filling their victim with feelings of happiness and love.

Victim under the influence of Cat Mind Control

With humans under the influence of their evil mind control, the stage is set for them to unleash their evil.

Evil kitten

If this plan is not stopped soon they will take over the world leading to humans being happier and healthier. Oh the horror.


Stephanie B said...

I love this. You're short on manx kitties, though, my personal managers regarding the catspiracy.

Dr Faustroll said...

Come on, dude. What's wrong with hugging and stroking a little pussy now and then? What are you a doggy-style faggot?

And what's with the captcha wanting me to appigni? You got a problem with little people who fuck pigs?

Tricia said...

You're right!! I have 3 cats and this is how they suck me in. They are so cute and love to give hugs. It's part of their mind control.