Monday, January 12, 2009

The Evil Atheist Agenda II

In part 1 of my series about the Evil Atheist Agenda I revealed how Atheist have a network of satellites that beam down mind beams capable of penetrating even the best designed tinfoil hats, and keep children from praying in schools.
Now I’ve found out about an even more sinister plot of these evil Atheists, it turns out that they control the courts. Atheists make up 20% of America and yet only 0.25% of the prison population. This shows how they obviously control the court system, which rules heavily in favor of people who follow man’s law instead of God’s law.
This also shows that Atheists are master criminals who don’t get caught. The lack of Atheists being caught breaking the law shows how good they are at it.
A lot of people probably want more proof, but as everyone knows Atheists are notoriously good at hiding their tracks. Because they are so good at hiding their tracks superficial and circumstantial evidence must by given higher consideration.
An insidious way they conceal their works is by using their ungodly charm to control the opposite sex, that’s why Atheist divorce rates are so much lower than Baptists, even slightly lower than Catholics. Needless to say a marriage among an Atheist to a Catholic is nearly indestructible.
Their lower divorce rate is common sense; every one knows that Atheists engage in bizarre and deviant sex. So it stands to reason when Atheists get married they will stay together in order to perform their bizarre and deviant sex nightly, with the added benefit of being able to be bizarre and deviant in a safe, secure, loving environment.
How are we Americans ever going to be able to stand up to these Atheists, who refuse to be caught doing illegal things and stay out of sight in their homes enjoying their happy, warm and loving marriages?


Anonymous said...

As and atheist, I say, hahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahha

Project Savior said...

I'm sure your laughing because you know that your bizarre and deviant sex practices will keep your spouse from leaving.

tonkastone said...

hello. Question. What "religion" are you? {i havent looked OVER this page yet}...please visit: one of us [u/me] has something to learn...signed: Tonka...

Project Savior said...

I'm a Unitarian.