Friday, January 2, 2009

Weird Ideas I’ve had for Websites

Which people later took the same premise and made mega-bucks.
There are millions of stalkers in the world, unfortunately stalking is a lot of hard work. Following a girl around, breaking into her room to read her diary, searching to find embarrassing photos of her, you get the picture.
I had thought it would really be great if someone was to set up a website that showed what the girl was doing that day, put her diary online, and had embarrassing photos of her posted.
Looking around I found out that Facebook has already cornered that market and took it one step further by having the girls do all the work. So now stalkers everywhere can stalk their victims from the privacy of their own homes.
Some poor people don’t have anyone to mercilessly criticize them and nag at them. These poor people only have supportive friends that are fun to be around.
I thought it would be great if someone came up with a website that made pseudo-scientific claims and had a test that showed people how few people would “actually” like them. This would disprove their idea that they were a good person just because they had lots of friends that enjoyed seeing them.
To make this site really call people losers, I figured it would need the following things.
It would need a quiz that took hours to complete.
It would have to reject people if they weren’t part of the 20% that the site considered “normal”.
It would have to deduct for originality.
It would need a creepy old guy that looks like a pedophile to be its spokesperson.

Looking around I found out that already fills that market.
A lot of people don’t like the Liberal Bias of Reality and would rather be told a complete fairytale than open their eyes and look at Reality.
I thought it would be great if a website claimed to be the news and just told outright lies, propaganda, weird conspiracy theories, and tried the scare the shit out of everyone by talking about imaginary enemies.
Looking around I found out that Fox News took that idea and ran with it (more like hopped in a supersonic jet with it). Not only did they make a website on that premise, but a network news show, a cable news network and a publishing arm.
There are a lot of sick people out there, I mean that in best possible sense of the word, who have strange perversions but don’t want to hurt anyone.
There are also a lot of con artists out there, and I mean that in the worst possible sense of the word. These are people who look at other people who have strange fetishes, are unemployed, or need to get a hold of a rare item, as potential victims.
I thought it would be great if their was a site were these two groups could get together and place ads.
Looking around I found Criagslist already does this.
I thought is would be great if there was a place on the web where people could find things that were so cute and adorable that it could even start to melt Dick Cheney’s heart.
Looking around I found

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