Sunday, January 25, 2009

Leprechaun vs. Aunt Jemima

With the election of Obama as the first black President, a lot of people are thinking racism will be dead and we will all mix to be a smushy off-white race with no distinctions.
Well I sure don’t want that. I want racism to go the way that anti-Irish sentiment went after JFK got elected. Nobody really hates the Irish anymore, but we non-Irish are proud of our traditions of hating the Irish.
The word Hooligan didn’t disappear from the English language, it just got morphed from meaning an Irish troublemaker to meaning any old troublemaker.
Hopefully the famous N-word will morph from referring to a Black guy who acts all ghetto, to anyone who acts ghetto. Unfortunately, we will lose the great words Whigger (A white guy who acts ghetto), Chigger (An Asian guy who acts ghetto) and the seldom seen Indigger (An Indian who acts ghetto).
Hopefully we can keep great terms like Nigger-rigged, (Putting something together quickly and cheaply using whatever stray materials are handy) like we kept the term Irish engineering (overbuilding something so much that it will last 10 times as long as you need it).
Although both those terms were once insults, once you get past the racial insult, it is actually a sort of praise.
I’m not sure any racial slurs can be turned around as much as the phrase “Luck of the Irish”. This originally referred to the little historical fact that Ireland was invaded by Rome but was to far away for them to properly Govern so they pretty much just sent the Roman Army through to slaughter the Irish off and on.
After Rome collapsed, the Vikings came through slaughtering the Irish from time to time.
For a little while they were at peace, then Henry VIII wanted a divorce, started Protestantism and had the English go through and slaughter the Irish for the next 500 years.
The term “Luck of The Irish” basically was the same as the term “If it weren’t for bad luck, we’d have no luck at all”.
Even though there has been a long history of Irish hatred in America we have put that behind us to the point that there was virtually no protest in 1993 over turning a symbol of Irish folklore into the worst movie series ever made “Leprechaun” starring Jennifer Aniston.
It is my sincere hope that in a few years we can put our history of racism behind us enough so there is no protesting when “Leprechaun vs. Aunt Jemima” is released.
On second thought that is a movie that needs to be protested.

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