Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Project Savior's Dating Advice Part 4: The first Date.

If you’ve followed parts 1-3 you should have your dream girl eating out of the palm of your hand so make sure to take her on a first date she’ll never forget. (Not without intensive therapy, anyway.)

Chicks dig it when a guy is relaxed and happy on a date so do something that makes you happy.
Some ideas for a first date:
Working together towards a common goal brings people together.
If you’re remodeling your home, this would be a great time to work on the bathroom, make sure to prep the bathroom before the date by turning off the water and removing the old toilet. Then pick her up and take her to the hardware store with you to pick out the new toilet. (Chicks love shopping) Then when you get home the two of you can have hours of fun by installing the new toilet. And if you have any time left now would be a good time to work on the tiles.
A good idea is to have plenty of alcohol ready to give her while the water is off and you don’t have a working toilet. You’ll be surprised at how quick she will work to get the toilet working after a couple beers.

Chicks love meeting new people.
If she doesn’t know any of your friends this is a great time to introduce her to them, and their hobbies.
A great first date idea is to have all your friends come over to smoke weed and clean their gun collections. You’ll be surprised how close she will cling to you if she is in a house full of stoned strangers who are waving guns around.

Chicks can confuse adrenaline for love.
It has been shown that if a girl does something that gets her heart racing she will respond more amorously to men around her. So do something that will get her heart racing, like drag racing.
Surprise her by picking her up and don’t say where you are going, when you turn the corner and are at the starting line of a street race it will leave her speechless.
As you race the other car make sure to do stuff that will raise her heart rate, like drive into oncoming traffic and through construction zones. Also make sure to do several high speed fishtails.

Everyone likes games.
Show her how good you are on the Playstation, Play a Single Player first person shooter or baseball games while she watches. You want to show her how good you are so make sure to stay very focused on the game and tune out any distractions, like what she is saying to you and stuff.

Wine and Dine her.
Chicks love to be taken out to dinner, but if you spend too much on the first date she might think you are trying to buy your way into her pants. Luckily, there are plenty of places you can get her a great dinner for free.
Check the obituaries for wakes and viewings. They serve a whole buffet and the food is top-notch, It is a good idea to learn the corpse’s name before going, though.
Spanish Catholic Mass, Great Spanish food and they will give you a sip of wine. They say something in some language as you are drinking but its not like it will damn your eternal soul if you don’t know what they are saying.

Chicks love a picnic.
So go to a pick your own tomato place, half way down a row stop and have a picnic of tomatoes. You don’t want it look like your trying to buy her love, so leave your wallet at home and ask if she can cover the 2 Bucks or so that the remaining tomatoes cost. Then go for a long drive, if she gets hungry refuse to let her eat any of your tomatoes.

Chicks love guys who are in good shape.
Take her with you to your annual physical.

Chicks like a guy who is open minded.
Take her to a Sex Change consultation with you.

Enter her in a wet t-shirt contest.
Everyone loves a competition.

Go to a place Chicks like.
To find out what chicks like, find a place where the girls out numbers guys.
Some examples are:
A strip club at opening, lots of girls and only a male bartender and DJ.
A lesbian bar.

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