Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to Project Savior Reborn.

To those of you that have been following me around the Internet for the past 11 years, I must say thank you and that you are now scaring me.
For my more recent fans I’d like to fill you in on the non-phenomena of the origins of Project: Savior.
Way back in 1998 I started my first website Project: S.a.v.i.o.r. Savior stands for Sex And Violence Is Our Right. My goal was to review B Movies that featured gratuitous nudity and senseless violence for nudity and violence’s own sake.
I had dreams of becoming a voice in the fight against the forces of censorship. Unfortunately, The forces of censorship won. I was banned from several free hosting services. I believe it either a vast conspiracy against me, or my early web designs were truly awful. Here are a couple examples that are still around.

Another theory is that in the 90’s free hosting servers were extremely unreliable and tended to kick people of randomly.

In 2002 I started it back up on Topcities It ran there until 2006 when I suddenly was not allowed to log in. Which bummed me out since I was really starting to get some traffic.
I gave up on resurrecting the movie review site and started writing on And I submitted nearly 70 articles over the course of a year. Then they decided to close.
I’m still posting on the new site TIBU2 and I will be sure to keep everyone updated on what articles I post on sites across the web.

With Project Savior reborn I intend to keep a good mix of old stuff from all these sites and some new stuff as well. Please bear with me as establish a voice on this new blog.

Project Savior.



I like your work, and I like what you're doing, but those older site design are brain-killers in their graphics and color choices. This new muted theme serves your purpose much better, I think. Let your words disturb people, not your background.

Project Savior said...

One comment I got about the old site was: "I can't focus my eyes... You've Blinded me forever... Why?"
I took that as a negative.