Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Project Savior's Dating Advice Part 3 Asking her out.

After following the steps outlined in Parts 1 & 2, she should know your interested in her and be hoping you’ll ask her out, so don’t disappoint her.

Find out the Cost to Reward ratio before taking her out. The easiest way to do this is with this question: “Are you gonna put out?”
If no then you should spend the same amount on the date, nothing. In fact this would be a good time to break up, so use a line like: “I’m going back to my Mother-Sister, she’s a better lay.” With this line you don’t have to worry about her stalking you.

If Yes: You need to find out more before deciding if you should do something that you’ll enjoy or something she’ll enjoy. So ask this question:
“Do you have a friend who will lick my balls while I do you wheel-barrel style?”
If No Then the date should be something you enjoy like dressing up in a wizard hat and robe and casting a level 13 spell turning her into a beautiful woman.

If Yes: You still need more information “Can I have a film crew film us as I cover you in Crunchy Peanut Butter and have all your female friends lick it off?”
If she says no to this, Then there is some detail about this plan that she is objecting to; so ask follow up questions.
“How about creamy peanut butter?”
“Fluffer Nutter?”
By asking these questions you can find out what she doesn’t like about the plan now, instead of during filming.
If she agrees then you should proceed with one the more special dates I will outline in my later installments.

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