Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Project Savior's Dating Advice 5 How to act on a Date.

Rule #1: Chicks love a confident guy

Let her know that she’s lucky to go out with a guy like you. Go out your way to remind her of this.

1a: Show up fashionably late, you need to show her you’ve got things going on in your life that are more important than her.

1b: Let her know you’re an important person, brag about all your accomplishments, and make sure to go into every detail.

1c: Bring your cell phone and have your friends all call you when you’re on a date. Pretend they you’re business associates and berate them loudly. Make sure to use the word “Cunt” Loudly and often.

1d: Let her know you’re more important than the people around you, be sure to yell at your waiter. Whatever you do don’t tip them.

1f: Don’t forget to remind her that she’s probably never been on a date with a guy as great as you, mention this often.

Rule #2: Be yourself.

2a: If you like to sit around in your soiled and blood stained underwear at home, then by all means wear them on your date.

2b: You don’t hold your gas back at home, so don’t bother to on your date.

2c: When alone you check out every girl with in eyeshot, so do it blatantly on your date. She’ll appreciate your honesty.

2d: Having a stuffy nose is uncomfortable so be sure to pick it often and flick the bugers in any random direction.

2e: If you have an itch under your soiled and bloodstained underwear, by all means scratch it right there. She’ll want you to be comfortable.

2f: You do want to look good, so make sure to comb yourself at the table. Bring it one step farther and shave during dinner, splash on some “Tan in a Can”.

2g: Be comfortable, take your shoes and socks off and put your feet up on the table.

Rule #3: Be funny. Chicks love a guy with a sense of humor.

3a: Smoke lots weed before the date. Weed makes you funnier. To prove this: Tell your silliest and corniest jokes into a tape recorder. Play it back once when you’re clean and once when you’re stoned, you’ll see that you sound funnier when you’re stoned. If you really want to be funny bring a tank of Nitrous Oxide.

3b: The goal of the date is sex, so tell lots of graphic sex jokes. Order the Kielbasa for her and steal her silverware, then make dick jokes as she eats it.

3c: Make fun of her clothes (especially her shoes), She’ll appreciate your ability to improvise.

3d: Play with her earrings, tell her it looks like a panda on a swing, even if it doesn’t she can’t see.

Rule #4: Be Romantic

4a: Maintain eye contact at all times, If possible don’t blink.

4b: Take cheek to cheek dancing one step further with nose to nose dancing. (Remember to maintain eye contact.)

4c: Let her know you’re a natural romantic. Give her a single red rose (romantic) that still has the thorns on it (natural).

4d: Show her love is forever, give her a 20 year old box of chocolates.

4e: Speak to her in a foreign language; memorize Hitler’s Nuremburg speech.

Rule #5: Girls like to know you care what other people think.
Have all your friends and family stop by at the date, tell them to bring score cards (0-5 scale of course.)

Rule #6: Girls like a popular guy,

Bring a date to your date.

Rule #7: It’s all up to the girl to ensure the date goes good.

Every girl is trained from birth how to make sure a date goes well so if the date goes badly then as a guy you can’t be the reason, it must be her fault. Ask her why she is sabotaging your date. If she says any of it is your fault, she’s just trying deflect the blame away from herself, don’t let her.