Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Project Savior's Dating Advice Part 2: The Approach

After following the Rules to prep yourself as outlined in part 1, you are now ready to approach chicks.
Make sure to follow these Rules:

Rule #1: Use some of these lines to break the ice.
Compliment her.
“Nice Rack.” Shows you find her attractive.
“You’ve got great cock sucking lips.” Shows you think she’s got talent.
And the classic: “Hey, Your really hot.”

Show that you share some of the same interests.
“How are your boobs?” Shows that you are interested in her boobs, and she should be interested in them since they’re hers.
“Would you like to test your flexibility on me?”
“Do you prefer bi, gay or straight porn?”
“I can see your nipples.”

Rule #2: Chicks love to be told they are better other girls.
Be sure to let her know who she reminds you of, so be sure to tell her that…
She looks heavier than your ex-girlfriend,
She looks like she would be better in bed than a famous porn star.
Her boobs feel even better your moms, ect.

Rule #3: Be direct in your conversations. Use these lines.
If she’s eating as soon as she puts something in her mouth say: “SUCK IT”
And the classic. “Let’s Fuck”

Rule #4: Conversations are one way. There are actually two approaches to conversations with a chick.
4a: You do all the talking, don’t let her get a word in edgewise. It will show her you’re a take charge type of guy.
4b: Put the focus on her.
Ask rapid fire questions like:
“Any Relatives?”
“Where were you on the night of the 22nd?”
This will show her you want to know more about her, if she tries asking a question about her tell her that this conversation is about her.

Rule 5: Chick’s like a guy who is open and direct about what they want. This can be done with non-verbal communication.
Grab her boobies before saying a word.
Stick your hand down her pants.
She’ll get the hint as to what you want.

Rule 6: Chick’s like a successful guy, let her know about your achievements no matter how small.
“Hey Baby, I once masturbated 23 times in one day.”
“My car is so big it’s got room for 62 heads in the trunk.”
“I once got arrested in six states, in one night.”

Special thanks go out to Kupo for pointing out a small problem in Rule #2, I took his advice so it will work even better.

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