Saturday, January 31, 2009

Some of my Favorite Bloggers.

As a public service I spent the morning looking at some of my favorite writers blogs. Many of you probably think that I was bored and couldn’t think of anything to write about. Many of you are absolutely correct.

However, I hope this little post gives you a place to start next time your bored and can’t think of something productive to do.

A writer I met over at, Mike James is a frequent commentator at a little site called: And This is My America?

His writings are similar to my venting with a little more anger and a little less sillyness.

If you’re a geek like me and own the DVD of every Star Trek from the Original to Enterprise and have the tapes of every Mystery Science Theater 3000 known to exist, then you’ll love this guy.
He makes fun of all the classics. His site is still kind of new but it’s coming together nicely.
Bad News From Outer Space

If you’ve looked around the Internet for stories about either Atheism or Sex. Or stopped by any web site that pays for content then you’ve seen the writings of Kylyssa Shay. In fact if you want to find sites that pay for writing content just type her name into google, she is the goddess of content marketing. Some of her writings can be found at:
That Atheist Bitch

Naturally any list of my favorite blogs would be incomplete without mentioning Dr Larry Mitchell’s blogs. Besides TIBU2 and Loony Left Liberals that I contribute to he has a few other blogs.

For excellent Political Commentary that leaves you wondering why this guy isn’t over at the New York Times check out Wisco at Griper Blade.

For a mix of Politics and Science check out Grant Lawrence over at Bodhi Thunder

For a humorous look at life in general check out “I used to get paid for this”

Another blog from one of Alum’s is Ricky Sparks
He’s a DJ with an interesting attitude on life.

Of course my favorite writer of all time, ever since I was in grade school, is myself. Is that egotistical? Probably. Do I care? No. Anyway besides my blog here, I contribute to TIBU2
Loony Left Liberals

So next time you want to check out a few writers there are a few to start with.


kyrious said...

you've got a very interesting blog but i notice you haven't install the blogcatalog widget and you still haven't had a traffic meter to access where you're coming from but you have a very catchy banner

Project Savior said...

Thanks I'll work on it. I love comments on how to improve my site.